We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

 TSwift 1Fool proof ways to get rid of a clingy ex, short of writing a song about him.

If he keeps calling you…

Don’t pick up the phone. Shut it off. Block his number and get a new one yourself. Make sure everyone who has your new number knows not to give it to him, no matter what. Read the rest in Teen Party Magazine.

Taylor’s Next Hit Single

TSwift 2For two months at the end of 2012, all was right in the world. Taylor Swift, country pop princess, and Harry Styles, the boy with the best hair in 1D, became Haylor. Sadly, once 2013 rolled around the couple didn’t survive past their New Year’s kiss. The good news? We can expect to hear a Harry-inspired break up song in the next six months. Read the rest in Teen Party Magazine.