Ghost Shark: Need Anything Else?


Ghost Shark was Syfy’s follow-up to Sharknado, and while the film didn’t receive the same kind of Internet craze as the one about sharks falling from the sky, it did have the exact same madness that longtime fans have come to accept from Syfy’s original movies. A lot of them are about sharks. Most of them are monster movies. All of them have terrible acting, horrid production values and abysmal scripts. But that is exactly what makes them a gold mine of comedy. Read the rest at TheBlot.

Sharknado, is it Really a Cult Classic or do We Just Wish it Was?

SharknadoIf you live under a rock and don’t know what a Sharknado is, it is a movie about a tornado. Full of sharks. As in, there are sharks falling from the sky.

Sharknado went viral before it debuted on the SyFy network, and is now coming to local movie theaters for special midnight showings, complete with gag reel, theme song, and a “making of” documentary. Sharknado is clearly destined for cult fame, but will it have the same impact as Rocky Horroror is it just another Birdemic?

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