Ariana Grande Joins Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Last year at E3 it was announced that Ariana Grande would be a playable character in a Final Fantasy mobile title. That game is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a free-to-play RPG which has perhaps the most Final Fantasy premise I’ve ever seen. You have to go around clearing dungeons and shrines of monsters to help purify crystals, all at the behest of a girl literally encased in one. Oh right, and you have a kingdom to save, but that’s just details.

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A First Look at Final Fantasy Type-O and More from Square Enix

FF-Type-O-1-600x337I had the ability to demo a few games by Square Enix a few weeks ago, including the newest installment of the Final Fantasy franchise and a few others. The usual Final Fantasy game uses turn-based gameplay, often with a lot of menus. Final Fantasy Type-O HD is, in that way, a rather huge departure from the usual FF dynamic. Fighting is all done in real time, with instant-kills if you time your attacks right, and no real menus in sight. The game’s combat system is essentially a stripped down version of the one found in each Kingdom Hearts game. For gamers who have always avoided Final Fantasy titles because of the ubiquitous menus and turn-based gameplay, Type-O should be a great introduction to the franchise. Read the rest at BleedingCool.