A First Look at Final Fantasy Type-O and More from Square Enix

FF-Type-O-1-600x337I had the ability to demo a few games by Square Enix a few weeks ago, including the newest installment of the Final Fantasy franchise and a few others. The usual Final Fantasy game uses turn-based gameplay, often with a lot of menus. Final Fantasy Type-O HD is, in that way, a rather huge departure from the usual FF dynamic. Fighting is all done in real time, with instant-kills if you time your attacks right, and no real menus in sight. The game’s combat system is essentially a stripped down version of the one found in each Kingdom Hearts game. For gamers who have always avoided Final Fantasy titles because of the ubiquitous menus and turn-based gameplay, Type-O should be a great introduction to the franchise. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

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