E3 Masterlist

E3: Harebrained Schemes’ Necropolis is Dark Souls Meets Spelunky

E3: Dead by Daylight Wants To Kill You

E3: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

E3: Sword Art Online: Hallow Realization Is A Single Player MMO

E3: Is ‘I Am Setsuna’ A Return To The Golden Age of JRPGS?

E3: Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2: The Game Fans Made

E3: Tekken 7 Will Bring An End To The Mishima Family Blood Saga

E3: Tales of Berseria Lets You Custom Map Your Combos


E3: Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Wants To Make Your Guild Matter

GW2 Heart of Thorns - Guild Hall - Gilded Hollow 2

While Guild Wars 2 has had multiple free updates for the game, Heart of Thorns is a massive expansion that could prove to be worth the money. One of the key additions to this expansion will be the Guild Halls system.

At the end of Living World, Tyria no longer has a military to fight with, so while the Elder Dragons storyline will continue with this expansion, Heart of Thorns focuses mainly on Tyria’s struggle with the Jungle Dragon Mordremoth. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

Sword Coast Legends Gives You An Authentic D&D Experience Without The Table

Sword Coast Legends - Screenshot (7)
The latest attempt at a PC version of Dungeons and Dragons is n-Pace and Wizards of the Coast’s Sword Coast Legends, which allows for players to take on a dungeon in a four-person team, or to play as a Dungeon Master. The DM mode allows you to create your own quest lines and characters as well as customize a pre-existing dungeon or to build your own. DMs can alter enemy monsters appearances, skillsets, and even take control of them. Similarly, the DM is capable of adding traps or monsters in real time as the party moves through. However, the DM will be rated at the end of the dungeon, which makes it a bit more imperative for the DM to cooperate with the party rather than treat them as an enemy. Voice-over IP allows for some LARPing capabilities with the dialogue, as well as the classic DM hint-dropping. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

E3 – Magic: Duels Origins For The Digital Magic: The Gathering Experience

Magic Origins Set Logo

Magic: Duels Origins is the latest attempt by Wizards of the Coast to give you the Magic: The Gathering experience from the comfort of your own monitor.

This version of Duels will be as truly FTP as a game can while still turning a profit. You buy booster packs with an in-game coin currency which can either be bought or earned. So if you have a compulsive need to buy every new card pack when it comes out, you can still do that. But you can also earn your way through by playing a lot, since the Duels team has spent a lot of time making sure their in-game economy is balanced so that dedicated Magic players can earn every new card in a set before the next set is released. Which is a nice break from the usual “FTP just means pay-to-win” since they do give you the option to earn the new cards. Personally, I like it because I am cheap. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

E3: Flying Mechs To Hit Next Gen Consoles With Strike Vector

SV_03Strike Vector has been on Steam for a year now, but is finally getting a next gen console release later this year- complete with a new campaign mode and updates to the multiplayer.

While the Steam version of Strike Vector is a fun multiplayer third-person shooter where you control a flying mech, Strike Vector on the consoles will include a single-player mode with 15 new campaign missions and some story, both about the world and about the player character. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

The LOOT Interactive Demo at E3 – Back To Bed, Velocibox, and Whispering Willows

Back to Bed_20150605104823

Back to Bed_20150605104823

LOOT Interactive, as part of the IndieCade showcase, was demoing three of their new titles VelociboxBack To Bed, and Whispering Willows all of which are coming to the PS4 and PS Vita this summer. All three games have very distinctive art styles, with Back to Bed being a surrealist dreamscape and Whispering Willows has an almost anime-esque feel. All three are also powered by the Unity engine.

Read the rest at BleedingCool.

505 Games’ ABZÛ And More at E3

ABZU_Keyart_CMYKThe first game from Giant Squid – a new game development studio led by Matt Navawho was the art director on Journey- ABZÛ is a third person adventure game where you control a female diver swimming around an ocean environment. There’s a narrative story, but its entirely non-verbal. The game features over 20 species of marine life and millions of kelp leaves, all of which interact with the player.

Read the rest at BleedingCool.

CI Games’ Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Displays an Insane Amount of Detail

drone_fly_screenshot_E3_05_with_logoSniper: Ghost Warrior 3 from CI Games is an FPS that takes realism to an almost absurd level. Your character does not level up. You do not have a health bar. You have to adjust your sniper scope to the wind speed, humidity, and distance of your target, which gives you a guideline of where to aim, but doesn’t aim for you. You have multiple sniping positions from completely unsupported to lying down flat on the ground, which affect your accuracy so body awareness is key. You can handle your missions any way you want, and will only fail if the alarm gets raised before you kill your target. And failure does not mean you start over, oh no, you have to move on to another opportunity to kill your target. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

InnoGames’ Elvenar and More At E3

TW_browser_1-600x335InnoGames is a German development company, which started as a hobby but built into a development team. As of now their lineup is entirely comprised of cross-platform (browser and mobile) strategy city-builders. The cool thing about this, however, is that you can play handoff a game from your web browser to your tablet or phone. Which presents a creative challenge, since browser games tend to require a bit more time than mobile, but that’s what makes strategy games perfect for that kind of cross-platform playing. Read the rest at BleedingCool.

The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Alpha At E3

DXMD-still-logoSquare Enix debuted the latest Deus Ex title at E3 which was still in alpha build, which meant that it crashed. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, for those unaware, is an action RPG which allows you to play one of four ways – combat, stealth, hacking, or social. This installment takes place in the year 2029, which is two years after the previous title Human RevolutionThe humans have split into two factions, where the augmented humans are under watch by the government and its counter-terrorism units thanks to the events of Human Rev; so feel free to insert your own social commentary here. Read the rest at BleedingCool.