Asexy and Who Cares?

Aven LogoThis week is Asexual Awareness Week, I keep seeing posts on the internet, mostlyTumblr, about how a lot of Asexuals felt like they were “broken” before they learned of the more clinical term, and of the supportive online community. The Asexual Visibility campaign has been gaining a lot of traction. Seems like every few weeks there’s another article somewhere about it. Which is cool. More people knowing about it means fewer people think that they’re “broken”. Trust me, I’ve been there and it sucks. Read the rest at Issues of Humanity.

Tales of the Sexless

asexulaitySo, to get the details out of the way, asexuality is a thing. It is a sexual orientation, in so much as you are defining a negative. Of course there are multiple ways to define asexuality. Wikipedia, the most trusted source of information on the internet, does a pretty decent job of summarizing it, however, as a lack of sexual attraction to anyone or an absent or low interest in sexual activity. Asexuals, or Aces as some prefer, have been fighting for visibility since the early 21st century, mostly aided by the internet. Read the rest at TheBlot.