Crowdfunding: How To Sell Your Dreams

CrowdfundingWhen it comes to getting new work out there, it has traditionally been a painful process. Have a book? Gotta get an agent, and then you have to find a publisher willing to take you on. Have an invention you want to mass-market? Good luck finding a company willing to work with you and not just steam-roll over your idea.

The world has always been a place for corporations. Entrepreneurs and small-time companies barely make a profit and always have a small audience.

The Internet, of course, has changed all that. You can now crowdfund everything. It started with Kickstarter, which was mostly a way for artists to get funding for projects no sane company would ever touch. They were too risky. But lately, even start-up tech companies have begun to use the crowdsourcing model, either by crowdsourcing their investors or crowdfunding the R&D. Read the rest at TheBlot.