Madeleine Albright, Gloria Steinem, and the Problem with White Feminism

It shouldn’t depress me as muchMadeleine Albright Hillary Clinton as it does, but I’m somehow always more disappointed when people who share my n
ame do stupid things. Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem stepped up this week to talk about feminism and how it relates to Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. Which is something that needs to be said, for all that Senator Bernie Sanders the sort of guy who practices what he preaches, he also has the benefit of being able to do so. Because he is a white man, he has privileges others don’t.

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How to Be An Ally

Fear of being wrong is one of the main factors that prevents people from being even halfway decent allies, they’re just so overwhelmed with the fact that they may be called out for not being perfect that they don’t even bother to help their fellow humans. I will freely admit that being an ally – to any group – is tough because it forces you to examine your own privilege. You are an Ally because you are a member of the privileged class who has decided to stand up for the marginalized. That means that you benefit from privilege. Even if you are a member of one marginalized group, no person exists in a vacuum. I’m an asexual, disabled woman and yeah the last part is hard for me to admit, but I’m also white and from an affluent family which makes me pretty damn privileged despite the non-hetero, disabled portion of my existence. I benefit from “benevolent sexism” all the damn time because of my whiteness and cisgendered-ness. Just because benevolent sexism is also sexist behavior, that doesn’t mean I don’t benefit from it.

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The Biggest Problem with the Men’s Rights Movement is the Men’s Rights Movement

MRAThe words “Men’s Rights Activist” have become a shorthand for the stereotype of a fedora-wearing misogynist who spends most of his days trolling websites, shouting the word “femi-nazis,” and man-splaining all over the place. Unfortunately for these staunch supporters of Men’s Rights, they’ve gone and completely destroyed whatever credibility the Men’s Rights movement may have had. There are certainly issues that men face which are not given main stream attention, however, most of these stem from our patriarchal society’s insistence on strict gender roles. Toxic masculinity is a symptom of the patriarchy, which we feminist have been harping on about for a few generations now.

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New York Comic Con 2014: BleedingCool

This is a master list of my work with BleedingCool at NYCC2014.

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NYCC: The Marvel Animation Panel

The Un-Feminist First Question of the Women of DC Panel at New York Comic Con

Marvel Reveals New Hawkeye Team, Ant-Man, and Phil Noto Variants – Full Panel Coverage

Live! The Women of Marvel Panel – ‘You Fight Because You Have To And We Need You’ – with Rich Johnston

Event Reports

Yoshiki of X-Japan at NYCC

‘Blurred Lines’ Goes From Sexist Song to Feminist Play

"Blurred Lines" production shot“Blurred Lines” is no longer just the name of a hit song. The National Theatre in London is now host to a play of the same name, which was created by Nick Payne and Carrie Cracknell and includes poetry by Michaela Coel. It is essential to note, however, that neither Payne nor Cracknell are entirely responsible for the play, as it was “devised” by the Company and then scripted by Payne. Read the rest at TheBlot.