NYCC: Largest Insane Asylum on the East Coast

NYCCIf you’ve never been to a comic convention before, well, it’s pretty much the nerd version of a music festival with a side of Halloween.

There was a sign, mocked up by the actual humans who run the convention, that read “NYCC: The Largest Insane Asylum on the East Coast.” That title is scarily accurate if you look at it from the outside. Read the rest at TheBlot.

What You Need To Know About Gogol Bordello’s New Album

GogolGogol Bordello is quite probably the only gypsy punk band you’ve ever heard of, and possibly because several of their songs were used in 2006’s Wristcutters: A Love Story. The band hails from the Lower East Side of Manhattan and has been touring almost non-stop since 1999.  Read the rest at Cliché.