Total War: Warhammer Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

WarHammer_Flat_FinA_Black_1434013602Total War has always been a massive RTS game and this new edition of it brings in the characters and lore of Warhammer. NotWarhammer 40K, the original Warhammer – just to be clear.

While the cinematic trailer is already out, the in-engine trailer is due to follow in July. Being a member of the press, however, I got to view some footage of the game in Alpha. While it was a pre-programmed sequence, the game does look pretty cool. It is still recognizable as a Total War title, with the massive battle fields and grand strategy campaigns, there is a lot of Warhammer to it. I can also confirm that the Greenskins will indeed be a playable race. Read the rest at Bleeding Cool.

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