The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is Too Fun to Hate

I have some mixed feelings when it comes to The Witcher series, mostly because the plot is a little insane, but also because Geralt of Rivia is neither the protagonist nor the driving force of the main plot. In the third game, CD Projeckt Red even admits as much. “This is my story,” Ciri tells an anxious Geralt as she goes off to complete her Savior-of-the-World destiny. Which, of course, brings to mind a whole lot of confusion. Because there is no real reason why The Witcher isn’t a series of games featuring Ciri. Particularly in this last installment, Geralt is rendered completely redundant. Ciri not only has the same skill set as Geralt, but also possesses incredible magic and is a faster and stronger fighter. This is further drummed in by the Ciri’s Story inserts into the main gameplay. Read the rest on Angry Gamer Girl.

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